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Bleach Manga Chapter 424 Spoiler

BLEACH Chapter 424. The Lost Agent

Karakura Town, 7am, Monday

Kurosaki Ichigo/17 years old
Hair Color/Orange
Eye Color/Brown
Occupation/High School Student
As for spirits, I can’t see them (TN: this is exactly the same as the first chapter of Bleach, save for his age and inability to see spirits)

Ichigo wakes up, saying “I’m sleepy”

Center color looks similar to the one from the first chapter – Ichigo is in front, with numerous characters in the background (such as Tatsuki and Ishida), but everyone is facing towards the bacl.


One Piece Manga Chapter 602 Spoilers

cover art is Usopp and river otters swimming.

One Piece Chapter 602: (I assume T meant “Hard starboard”, 面舵いっぱい instead of 下舵いっぱい. Anyone actually familiar with sailing language, correct me on this)

Marines try to chase and take out Luffy, but Rayleigh draws his sword and cuts a line on the ground,
and tells them “He’s my apprentice, let him go” “I suggest you not cross this line” and stopped the marines

Perona shows up!

This is as far as I’ve read yet, the crew got together and Luffy’s eyes are full of excitement when he saw Franky.